Rikky leaves Sister…

So it’s official. Rikki is leaving Sister after years of madness, touring and recording.
None of us wanted this to happen but it’s his choise and we respect that to 100% and wish him all the best. There are no hard feelings at all, just Rikkis drive to move on.
We want to thank Rikki for all the years of fun and hard work in Sister and being the most badass bassplayer out there.
You see a lot of this nowadays. The music business is hard, the old rockstars are fading away and bands split up.
We can assure you one thing. Sister ain’t slowing down a bit. We’re gonna hold on to you fuckers till the last breath!
We’ve had line up changes before and one thing is crystal clear: It has always made us stronger and better as a band. This will happen now again.
A replacement for Rikki is already set and will be presented soon.
The new tunes sounds better than ever and Sister will deliver a beast in 2016!
Sister has the best and most dedicated fans ever and we count on your support as you should count on us.
See you guys on the road in 2016 and let’s raise some hell.
/Cari, Tim and Jamie

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